What is 17% Drip?

Our Story

17% Drip is a concept that came to life over 7 years ago after traveling the world for work and visiting countless brew pubs, breweries and tap rooms sampling different types of craft beers. Within that time, I experienced a style of beer called English Barley Wine and fell in love with the barley wine style beer to the point my nick name became "Barley Wine Boss." 

Barley Wine is a big full body beer with a high ABV that fluctuates between 10% to 15%. But for me my favorite Barley Wine beer of all time is a beer called "A Deal With The Devil" by Anchorage Brewery and it clocks in at 17% ABV...hence the name 17% Drip.

One aspect of Drip is to highlight a fashionable way of life by providing trendy merchandise for all cultures in the craft beer community. We are focused on the best Drip Gear for the craft beer trendsetters & influencers who are putting in the work to bridge the gap between the Urban Lifestyle & Vibe and the Hipsters. 

Drip also consults, promotes and supplies merchandise for brewery special beer releases & brewery anniversary parties. To ensure 17% Drip keeps the newest trends of swag; we work with different craft beer culture organizations from across the nation to give you exclusive collaboration apparel and access to craft beer social media groups, parties and events.

If you've like to experience what the craft beer community is all about and interested in collaborating and/or consulting such as custom glassware and/or epic bottle share experiences, contact us at www.17percentdrip.com and 17percentdrip@gmail.com 

The 17% Drip box style logo is our way of expressing to the world you will never keep us in a box; We are craft beer, we are a brand, 17% Drip is a Craft Beer Lifestyle.


Our Mission

It's time to do something different with beer merchandise. 

17% Drip’s mission is to tailor & provide a unique experience for the craft beer consumer. Our company will provide you with trendy men & women apparel, accessories and custom glassware. If you’d like to know more about the craft beer world, we provide consultation services, collaborations and bottle sharing experiences. Check us out on social media or reach out to us via email.